Miles of Pillowcase Smiles!

I have been involved for the past four years with a very special
organization, ConKerr Cancer, A Case for Smiles. I first heard of the
organization when Cindy Kerr, its founder, was given the Martha Stewart
Dreamers into Doers Award in 2007. This organization does amazing work through
the delivery of pillowcases to children hospitalized with cancer and other
life-changing illnesses. I have been fortunate enough to know get to know Cindy
as both the head of a great not-for-profit organization but also as a friend.
Read more about Cindy, her son Ryan, who she lost to osteosarcoma and her
efforts to bring smiles to so many sick kids throughout the country.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In recognition of
this, ConKerr Cancer holds their signature event, Miles of Pillowcase Smiles or MOPS, as we like to call it. Each chapter is working hard to reach their own individual goals, as well as the national goal of 44,000 pillowcases, which
also represents the number of children in treatment each year.

This is the second year for MOPS and as this is a quilting blog,
I am hoping to inspire all of you to make a pillowcase or two this month, drop
off at a local drop-off location and be a part of this wonderful event. I know
first hand what a simple bright cheery pillowcase can do not only for the child
but also the family. ConKerr Cancer continues to make sick kids smile, one
pillowcase at a time!


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