Junk Bonanza

Yes, this is a quilt blog but for some reason quilting has been a little absent from my life lately. I’ve been doing a little traveling, just returning from California, visiting my daughter Michelle who recently moved to the Los Angeles area. It was a wonderful trip, we did some real touristy things including being part of the live studio audience at The Talk and also got her set with groceries and other things to start out life in California. A few weekends ago,  I accompanied my friends (Ginny, Pam, Connie and Deb) to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, Minnesota. Again, not so much quilting . . . but the junking does relate to my quilting as I’m working on re-doing my sewing room and using some of the fun “junk” to re-organize fabric, wool, patterns, books and more.

Junk Bonanza is an annual event run by Ki Nassauer (pictured with me above). Ki is the original “Junk Lady” going to flea markets, garage sales, salvage yards and more, repurposing and recycling items into decorative objects. Junk Bonanza combines “junk” and antiques at Canterbury Park, a racetrack in Shakopee. We drove up to Minnesota on Thursday, stopping at a few antique shops along the way. Our good friend, Connie, lives in Eaton MN. We arrived at her house that evening and enjoyed an excellent dinner before getting ready for our junking adventure the next day.

Lots of treasures at Junk Bonanza on Friday, we went from booth to booth and also met Ki and got her to sign her latest copy of Flea Market Style. Read more at Ki’s blog and you’ll see why we enjoy “junking” so much! Another fun part of Junk Bonanza is the bloody mary served up by Canterbury Park (Connie and Pam pictured with theirs below). If you are a fan of bloody marys, you ‘ll love these, especially the garnish which includes a shrimp, marinated garlic stuffed in a pepper, salami and cheese chunk and MORE!

So following the break for Bloody Mary, we continued to “junk” with everyone finding lots of fun stuff. If this were a junking blog I would certainly detail all the finds but let’s just say, we all found our treasures, including jewelry, an old pharmacy cabinet, a seed packet stand with table, chairs and a lamp. The picture at the end of this post shows my purchases. The fun items for my revamped sewing room are the white drawer and the old mini-muffin tin. I’m going to use the drawer for my wool pieces, washed the drawer out thoroughly and sprayed with sealer. The muffin tin will be used for some kinds of odds and ends, buttons, bobbins, something.

On Saturday morning, we found two really great quilt shops in White Bear Lake and went on to Stillwater for a few more antique stores in the afternoon. I was so happy to finally visit Rosebud’s Cottage in White Bear Lake because I have been following the store’s owner Roseann Meehan Kermes on Facebook and also really enjoyed reading about her studio when she was profiled in American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Her shop was everything I thought it would be. It really reminded me of my own shop, almost the same size and with the same types of traditional  fabric and patterns. Her displays incorporate many antique items and furnishings. I bought some wool and a kit (that I really didn’t need but was super cute, The Night Before Christmas). Read more about Rosebud’s Cottage and take a look at Roseann’s blog. You’ll see why I love this shop!!!!

We also visited Bear Patch Quilting which is just about a block and a half from Rosebud’s Cottage. Both of these shops have been honored as Quilt Sampler Shops, an amazing honor bestowed on them by American Patchwork and Quilting. There is a different atmosphere at each shop, each having their own personality and style. Bear Patch Quilting is much larger, less traditional, carrying batiks and novelty prints, as well as traditional fabrics and wool. Check out their blog too!

One of the best parts about White Bear Lake was being able to see my sister-in-law Mary Kay, her husband Dave and granddaughters Amber and Katelyn. They live not far from there and were able to stop by for about 5 minutes, long enough to take this picture. Was so great to be able to see them even for a short time.

I look forward to returning to Junk Bonanza next year. Hopefully the sewing room will be finished but there’s always room for some new “junk”!

Be sure to subscribe if you want to follow, forward this on to all your quilting friends. Next up I’ll tell you what I’ve been working on this summer!


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