Tis the Season!

Yes, quilters and friends, this is still the holiday season and I have yet to post any Christmas quilts! Lots to do with decorating, shopping, cooking, parties and I never got around to my blog post. So here it is . . . Tis The Season! I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. As quilts go, I have SOOOOOO many Christmas quilts so there will NOT be a picture of every one of them. Instead, I will show you a few favorites, old and new, and share with you some of my holiday decorating.

First off, I pretty much overdo with the decorating. I have themes for a few rooms and ideas for themes in the future. Too many decorations and too many trees though I would LOVE to have a Christmas tree in every room. My family room (and bathroom off the family room) is “Santa” themed. I have been collecting Santa Claus’s of all types for as many years as I can remember. I have tried to date them but of course many have slipped through without dates. The fireplace mantel, two tables and quilt shelf all display the collection. And they all include a quilt or two.

Next is the kitchen featuring the “Snowman” theme, on the windowsill, baker’s rack, shelf, counter . . . and I’ve also added some sweet treats to the kitchen. Another Christmas tree here, a white one with my daughter’s glass and Hallmark dessert ornaments. A new project this year was the wool candy cane table topper (kit from Bernice, thanks!).

The theme has changed a little for the living room/dining room. It started out with the “Angel” theme but I couldn’t find room for the collection this year.  The Christmas tree has white lights, gold, white and silver ornaments, white tulle and a little gold garland. This is also the room for the villages. I have three types of villages, I know again, a little excessive. But  one is only a church, defined as a village because of its size, different from the rest. The second is a set of three, The Original Snow Village, given to us by my parents, again different from the rest because of size. These take up one entire table. Finally, the largest grouping, St. Nicholas Square. I was getting a little burned out by this group for awhile, it just took up too much room. But this year, the problem was solved . . . the entire village was displayed in a lighted cabinet that belonged to my mother-in-law (also called the Christmas cabinet by my granddaughter, Madeline). The Christmas cabinet had to be emptied, which wasn’t an easy task because everything in the cabinet needed a new home. I copied the idea from a magazine, don’t tell anyone, and I was so pleased the way it turned out (see picture at the top of this post). To be honest, I’m not a fan of the setting up of the villages and lights and all those cords so that is my husband’s job. Then I get the fun part, putting out all the people, the ice skating pond, the park benches, street lights, the snow and more snow!!!! My love for the village has been revived this year.

And I’m pretty pleased with the entryway, complete with two quilts finished this year, Elegant Garden (wool applique from Edytar Sitar, Laundry Basket Quilts) and Merry Christmas Banner (Art to Heart, Nancy Halverson, pattern and fabrics) .

SO. . . what do you all do for your holiday decorations? Any ideas you want to share? Would love to hear them. I can only hope that I have inspired some of you for NEXT YEAR! Happy New Year to all!!!!!


3 responses

  1. What a lovely way to decorate your house! Thanks for sharing. I too have a Christmas village and thank goodness my husband does almost all the work. It takes up a lot of room, but when it’s done, it’s gorgeous!

    I have tried to decorate my rooms by themes, but over the years, the rooms melt together. My collections include teddy bears, snow babies and Santas!

    How many days does it take to decorate your house? Mine takes about 2 to 3.

    Happy Holidays!


  2. Wow! Good for you! That is a lot of work, putting everything up is fun taking down is not fun. I’m in Florida enjoying the 80 degree weather and watching everyone take down all there Christmas decorations. Not the same with out bitting wind and snow…….hmmm never mind its so much better.

    Love your wool wallhanging AND your Merry Christmas.

    Have a good New Year. See you soon.

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