Shout-out to the Quilt Bloggers!

Today I’m writing about the quilt bloggers, yes there are a LOT of us!!!!! There are so many to read. I read as many as happen to appear on any given day, at least try to . . . to see what’s new, ideas, techniques, fabric! I also subscribe to quite a few, this way I get an email notification when there is a new post. You never know what new things you can learn with the quilters across the country.

For those of you on Facebook, if you haven’t already, follow the quilters, they will lead you to the blogs. Most professional quilters use Facebook whenever there is a new post. My blog goes directly to Facebook and Twitter. (Follow me on Twitter at PatchesPrints, Facebook is Susan Fioretti Abraham and don’t forget Pinterest!)

I am fortunate enough to have my blog listed on some websites and want to share those with you. These sites list TONS of quilt bloggers, so please check them out. Just scroll down and to the right and you will find them!

Quilting Gallery: A directory of quilt bloggers, quilt shop locator and Learning Center; also free quilt projects, charity quilting projects,  events and contests. (Quiltvertiser): a quilting and sewing search engine to find fabrics using text and images. Find the elusive fabric that you’ve been looking for.

Quilter’s Daily Special: Learn about a new business every other day and also take advantage of great deals.

Quilter Blogs and Store: Another great directory of quilt bloggers and store locator that asks the question “What Are Quilters Blogging About Today?”

Quilt Qua, “Helping to Expand Your Creative Expression” is a directory for every quilters need; shops, bloggers, giveaways, quilting services and quilt retreats, to name a few.

Pat Sloan, The Voice of Quilting: Pat has an awesome blog. She has her radio show, patterns, quilt store, events and MORE!

Some of my favorite bloggers are listed here, Check Out These Sites, more than just quilters so have some fun and get inspired by all of these talented people!


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