Spring Cleaning

With the beautiful weather we are having in the midwest this week (80 degrees in MARCH!!!!), it’s great to be able to work in the sewing room and enjoy open windows and a nice breeze. My Sonny, (above) sitting in his fave spot at the window on top of the quilts, is happy that spring has arrived! This week I decided to tackle a little spring cleaning, just a little, and clean out the sewing closet. Its interesting to see what you’ll find when you clean the closet – I tend to just throw things or maybe pile things in there, to get them out of the way. Well, I’m happy to report, I have reorganized the closet, at least for now. Found: one quilt, ready for quilting, AND the backing. Also happy to report that I have pieced that very same backing and the quilt is ready to go to the quilter.

Next, I went through the stack of  kits, and re-stacked them, very neatly. And . . . found that there is an entire box of fabric scraps from Eleanor Burns‘ Magic Vine fabric line. I’ve already made two quilts from that line and think it’s time to part with this box. What to do with it? Give to my good friend, a new quilter, along with a great pattern for a mini. She’s gonna love it!

And in cleaning, I put together fabrics for 3 more must-do quilts, entirely from my stash. Can’t talk about them right now, as they are all for gifts to give this spring/summer.

Another positive to come out of spring cleaning is getting the sewing machine packed up and ready to go in for service. That’s a good thing to do for your sewing machine about once a year. I’m not saying I’m religious about taking mine in on a yearly basis but sometimes my machine tells me ITS TIME!!! Like now, after I’ve been working with minkee and all the fuzzies, the machine sounds like a Mack truck. So my little Janome Jem, my back-up machine is out on the table. This awesome little machine, and when I say little, I mean 12 lbs, just about the size of Sonny, is my go-to for quilt retreats and sewing groups and it is computerized. As I said, awesome little machine! My Pfaff will get a well-deserved break and my Janome will get a little work out.

I’ve also used the spring cleaning opportunity to take stock of supplies that I need because soon it will be time to garden and enjoy the summer, and then it’ll be time for the Fall Retreat. So I’m gonna replenish rotary blades and sewing machine needles since I seem to be out of 60mm blades and have only a handful of needles. The rule thumb for sewing machine needles is to change with each new project. How many of us actually do that?

 My spring cleaning helped re-organize and re-energize. It is so much easier to work in a clutter free room. Now, the challenge, to keep it that way. Happy Spring!


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