What’s been going on?

Last completed project before the “grounding”

Right? What HAS been going on? Not too much, sewing wise. I’ve actually been grounded from sewing and pretty much everything, including lifting ANYTHING, hand sewing, gardening, watering, you name it, I’ve probably been grounded from it.

I have tendonitis in my right hand, also called something like intersection syndrome(?). This is where the tendons intersect. I also have arthritis in the thumb joint. I really need joint replacement surgery but can’t have it until the tendonitis is healed. So . . . I rest. . . and go to physical therapy. Very frustrating to say the least, especially while wearing THIS!

I was able to complete the last few bindings for projects I needed to finish this summer so that is a good thing.

But obviously, I can still type – YAY! So I’m writing this, working on winter retreat plans, planning the beginning quilt classes that I’ll be teaching in the fall at the Elk Grove and Bloomingdale park districts and getting ready for my 2nd Annual Quilt Show in the Garden!

I’ve been collecting the quilts this week and am really happy with the RSVP’s coming in. It should be a fun day with friends, lunch and beautiful quilts. I am keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.

For now, I’ll do my hand and wrist exercises, keep up with the heating pad and look forward to the quilt show next week!


6 responses

  1. Oh Sue, so sorry about you being grounded. I had a brace for both hands and got cortisone shots in my thumbs. Take care – Terri

  2. Oh, it must drive you nuts to be hobbled. I bet you are restless. I love the pre-grounded quilt–reminds me of one from childhood.

    • Thanks Alice! Yes, “grounding” is not fun though I have been reading a lot and “Pinterest-ing”!!! I love that quilt two, I actually made 3 of those, all similar, all different this year.

  3. I am currently grounded due to carpal tunnel. I am hoping a short break will do the trick. I am spending my time quilt planning. And doing internet research for quilt and knitting projects for friends as well. Reading a lot as well. And bribing my kids to do the chores arund the house.

    • Christine, hope you get back to all those projects soon. Good think you can do other things, especially in the summer. I have been reading too, read all 3 Hunger Games books this summer and The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani (great book!).

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