Quilt Show in the Garden

My 2nd* Annual Quilt Show in the Garden was held on a lovely June afternoon, beautiful quilts showcased NOT in the garden, but indoors as a result of a sudden rain storm that couldn’t have had better timing. Better timing meaning that as we were about to hang the quilts outside the sky started to darken. A bit disappointing for me as I had been planning this event for weeks, ordered chairs and had the tent and tables set up decked out with my grandmother’s tablecloths and flowers.

Since there had been no rain for days, I wasn’t surprised that the storm would hit at the right moment so we had to go with “Plan B”. The quilts were displayed throughout the house, beautifully arranged by Maryann and Reggie. I also had lots of help with the food prep from Maria and Barb, and dessert made by my daughter, Michelle. Thanks to all of you for helping make this day a success. We had a few minutes before the guests arrived and toasted our good judgment in keeping the quilts inside.

Maria, Barb, Reggie, me and Maryann

The real stars of the day were the quilts! Seventeen quilters showed their work. These ladies came together as a result of belonging to one of my quilt groups or quilt retreat groups.

Antique Tied Quilt and Flower Power, all fabrics from London.

Vintage Nine-Patch

Life’s A Stitch, Antique Log Cabin, Shadow Applique

Garden Trellis and Cozy Cabins

Lily Chain, Alex Anderson’s Bluework Sampler, Le Jardin


Quilted Garden

Cherries Jubilee and Spring Fever

Whig Rose Flowers

All the quilts were beautiful, though we did have a little contest going for “Best in Show”. Thanks to Megan from Thirty-One Gifts and Darlene from Sewbizy Quilting for donating prizes to our winners. Barb L. won first place, a quilting gift certificate to Sewbizy and Mary K. took second place, winning the “Master Quilter” bag full of quilting goodies.

Lily Chain by Mary K. and Le Jardin by Barb L.

Despite the weather, everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon, the food, the quilts and the chance to talk quilting! We did get outside for a little while later in the day, at least we were able to enjoy the rented chairs for a short time. Thanks again to everyone, especially to those who shared their beautiful quilts. We’ll try for outside again next year but as we all know, you can’t control the weather so I will keep my fingers crossed!

For More Quilt Show in the Garden, watch the video on Schaumburg Heartbeat, starting at 28:30, http://www.parkfun.com/tv/schaumburg-heartbeat/2012/july-2012.

Next Post: The Recipes from Quilt Show in the Garden

*Many have asked about the “2nd” Annual Quilt Show in the Garden. Last year on a beautiful June day, I decided to hang some of my favorite quilts on the fence and deck, with me and my Sonny in attendance. The banner picture at the top of this page is from that day. Other’s asked why they weren’t invited and from there, the 2nd annual was born.

Sonny at the First Annual!


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  2. it was a great day! Thanks so much for all your hard work putting this together for us to enjoy. Its not always where we spend our time…but with who! So the day was a great success…so much fun!

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