Fall Quilt Retreat 2012

The Abbey at Lake Geneva

The Abbey on Lake Geneva always provides us with a great venue for the Fall “No Frills” quilting retreat. “No Frills”, meaning no classes, no meals included, no schedules, no required activities . . . just an open sewing room for quilters to have fun and be productive! Our hotel accommodations were wonderful with spacious comfy rooms. Our sewing room was also perfect for the weekend, well lit, large workspaces and comfortable chairs.

First-timers for Fall Retreat 2012

Sewing began on Friday morning and continued throughout the weekend. There were always people in the sewing room often until the wee hours of the morning. But there were diversions, on Friday afternoon, part of the group headed out to Delavan to The Stitchery where we were welcomed with wine, cheese and the pups! Carrie and Nancy always have some fun seasonal kits, great samples and now more fabric than they have ever had before.

The Stitchery Pups

Shopping fun at The Stitchery.

Therese from That Quilt Shop in Woodstock set up a mini-shop in our sewing room and held a demo for the adorable Toastie Mittens. On Saturday, Megan with Thirty-One Gifts also brought holiday shopping to us.

Therese demos Toastie Mittens.

Saturday night dinner diversion.

Finally, here are pictures of some of the quilts and from Sunday’s Show and Tell.  It is always fun to see what everybody worked on during the weekend, some holiday projects and some quilts that have been on the ToDo list and finally got FINISHED.


Cat in the Hat

Show and Tell

Our weekend in Lake Geneva always goes by too fast. We all had a lot of fun, got a lot accomplished, and enjoyed the company…and are now looking forward to the next event, Winter Retreat 2013.

Goodbye to Lake Geneva for another year.


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