Reorganization 2013!

Happy New Year!

2013 is starting on a very positive note for me, sewing wise. On New Year’s Day, I spent a lot of time reorganizing my sewing room.


Leftovers from Holiday 2012

I began with the leftover Christmas scrap fabric and divided it into groups: Wine Totes, Christmas log cabin quilt,  Christmas stockings and Miscellaneous.

You may remember from my last post, I made several wine totes for gifts this year. These totes are super easy, super cute and require two coordinating fabrics (each cut to 14×16″). I matched fabrics, cut each to size and made up kits for 11 wine totes, “for Christmas 2013.”

Next I took the remaining fabric and determined if any could be used for a Christmas log cabin quilt (2 1/2″ strips). This quilt is still in the planning stages but I have a lot of leftover scraps from Circle of Friends, a block of the month we did at the Itasca Firehouse a few years back. I don’t want it to look like the same quilt, so I will be adding some other leftover scraps to add some variety to the quilt.

Finally, I have 2 1/2″ squares cut for Christmas stockings.


Christmas stockings made from 2 1/2″ squares

Then, I began cleaning out the “hand sewing” basket and tote. Needless to say, these two containers held much more than hand sewing projects . . . a dog quilt, dog clothes (don’t need the Bears jersey or.  Rufferee costume till next fall), Winston, our fake puppy, Santa hats, fabric basket supplies AND the hand work.


“Hand Work” Basket – Before


Sonny took care of his things, including his friend Winston.

There was enough cording and batik strips for one more basket.


I re-organized the redwork and wool projects. Hopefully I will get back to the stitching soon. I’m working on the wool projects and plan to complete them soon now that my hand is recovering. Hand sewing is back!


Finally, I was ready to tackle the last box, our project for Breakfast Club 2013, I’ll Be Home For Christmas from Primitive Gatherings. We bought our fabric and wool back in September, and have been working on preparing the pieces for our monthly get togethers. I have all my pieces cut, half square triangles sewn and binding made, all in the box ANDIMG_1783



New Year’s Day 2013 was a very productive day for me. I even got buttons sewn on that have been waiting since the summer. My wish for all of you for 2013 is to complete all the projects you start and to stay organized throughout the year. Happy New Year!


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