Spring To Do List

2013 is going to be a very busy year for me, at least the first half. My son is getting married on June 8 so the time will be filled with shopping, bridal showers and parties. Not a lot of time to sew but a time to enjoy the activities and the anticipation.

In the sewing room, I keep a journal, mostly with my current sewing to-do list. I have streamlined this list considerably for the next two months, working on the must-do’s only so that I will have plenty of time for wedding preparation.


My sewing to-do list:

1. Sylvia’s Sampler – I am teaching 16 blocks of Sylvia’s Sampler (Jennifer Chiaverini, Elm Creek Quilts series) to our Firehouse Group from February to May and then again September to December.

2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Primitive Gatherings) – our Breakfast Club is doing this wool applique, one block each month

3. Secret Quilt

4. Secret Quilt

I’ll write future posts on all of the above. Needless to say, #3 and #4 are surprises so let’s keep them a secret!

One project that I have completed in the last few weeks was a baby pillow – or should I say a bridesmaid’s dress made into a baby pillow, which my daughter, Michelle, discovered on Pinterest.

Michelle’s friend Bridget got married in 2009 and had an adorable baby girl, Isabelle Jamie, on February 5. Bridget knew she was having a girl so when Michelle found this idea on Pinterest, asked me to make the pillow. I didn’t get around to actually making the pillow until the day Bridget went into labor, but I assured Michelle that I could get it done in a matter of hours – and I did!


Michelle, the Maid of Honor (in the dress that would become the pillow), with Bridget and Mike on their wedding day.

The first step was to find a pillow form that would work. I needed  a size small enough for a baby’s room but big enough to showcase the different parts of the dress. I decided on a 12″ pillow form, and  I went about cutting up the dress and then just started to sew.



I was able to use the under skirt as the base of the pillow, the ruffled waistband across the center, and the lace skirt at the bottom of the pillow, which ended up really resembling the original dress.


As Michelle pointed out to Bridget when we visited little Isabelle, the bride chooses her bridesmaid dresses but doesn’t have one for herself, now she does . . . or rather Izzy does!


2 responses

  1. I love the bridesmaid dress pillow! What an adorable idea!

    I can’t believe you are doing Sylvia’s sampler. I just threw out the book cuz I couldn’t find anybody to do it with. I should have stayed with the group. Can you change to a different Saturday? I know you can’t and I have a long term commitment with a group of friends. It’s the only group I don’t quilt with and my husband thinks I need to have some outside interests. Why? LOL!

    LeAnn, sorry you can’t join us for Sylvia. Unfortunately we have had a long term relationship with the firehouse on the 2nd Saturday but you are always welcome to come back sometime.

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