Quilt Show in the Garden 2013 -The Quilts


I was first inspired to host a gathering that I call “Quilt Show in the Garden” a few years ago on a bright, sunny June afternoon. I was toying with the idea of making a digital scrapbook of my quilts (this is still on the to-do list) and wanted to take some photos out in the yard with green grass and blooming flowers. Though my dog Sonny and I were the only attendees, I was able to take some beautiful photos of some of my favorite quilts. After telling some of my quilting friends about my little photo shoot, they asked why they weren’t invited. So the following year I expanded the guest list.

Sonny at the very first Quilt Show in the Garden.

Sonny at the very first Quilt Show in the Garden.

My intention was to create a fun event to give back to all those quilting friends that support my events and classes throughout the year. Everyone invited to display quilts have attended my retreats, belong to one of my quilting groups or have taken classes with me. I’m always open to adding new quilters and quilts to the event, if you’re interested please let me know.

There are very few requirements:

1. Only one quilt per person.

2. No larger than a large lap size quilt.

3. Bring something you haven’t brought in the past, no repeats.

Here’s a look at the beautiful quilts from our most recent event, the 2013 Quilt Show in the Garden!

IMG_2754IMG_1322IMG_1386IMG_1377 IMG_1384 IMG_1387 IMG_2755 IMG_2757

Each year we vote on our favorite quilt and give out a grand prize. This year our prize came from one of our long-arm quilters, DarleneVotzmeyer (NuVys Custom Quilting). Darlene graciously donated a gift certificate for our winner.

And the winner is… Maria Croy whose quilt “Little Inspirations” garnered the most votes! Maria’s quilt combined her love of quilting with her love of cross-stitch. The quilting on her quilt was done by our friend, Lynn Ray (Schoolhouse Quilting).

Maria and her winning quilt!

Maria and her winning quilt!

Many of my quilters wanted to share our awesome talents with non-quilting friends, so we threw the invitation out to anyone who was interested in a outdoor garden party. We had a bunch of additional attendees, maybe someday they’ll enter their own quilts!


Quilting Friends


Sister-in-laws, Maria and Linda


Swimming Class Friends


Long-time Friends – Connie, Pam and Loraine

And of course, Sonny with Joy K.

And of course, Sonny with Joy K.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who donated door prizes for the event.

Thirty-One Gifts – Megan Melendez, Woodstock

Lunch With Lori – Lori Boyd, Elk Grove Village, (lqqkr71@aol.com)

La Bellissima Salon – Carol Keyzer, Phenix Salon Suites, Schaumburg

Antoinette’s Candles – Antoinette Giacone

NuVys Custom Quilting – Darlene Votzmeyer, Huntley, (darvotz@sbcglobal.net)

The Quilt Show in the Garden is a great way for people to share a special quilt, discuss our love of sewing, and just hang with other quilters and friends. Hopefully many of you can attend one of my events in the coming months and will be inspired to make a quilt that you would like to display in 2014!


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