September . . . National Sewing Month

IMG_1939Do you subscribe to the Moda Bake Shop? If you don’t already, you might want to. Its a great blog with awesome patterns and great tips, of course from Moda Fabrics, and who doesn’t LOVE Moda????? Speaking of Moda, they have an amazing blog hop going on right now too, so check it out.

Back to Moda Bake Shop,  I received read their post titled September is National Sewing Month. What a great topic for a blog post now that summer is pretty much over and its time to get that autumn sewing to-do list going. The holidays will be here before you know it, so start the planning now. According to the Moda Bake Shop, Ronald Reagan declared September as National Sewing Month in 1982 to recognize the importance of home sewing to the country. So in celebration of that, I’m going to do a Top Ten List of my favorite sewing and quilting tips.

Top Ten List

Sewing and Quilting Tips

10. Use an old iron when pressing fusibles. Using fusible webs can be messy so don’t jeopardize your good iron!


9. Read through your pattern before starting, especially if  you are changing something, even beginner patterns.

8. Always close your rotary cutter when not in use. You never know when it will fall off your cutting table and cut your foot or even your dog! A standard joke at many quilt retreats and classes is 25 cents to the instructor for every time the rotary blade is left open.





7. Keep a quilting journal. I have a small notebook next to my sewing machine to jot notes about a project, figure yardages, keep track of machine settings, and even draw some crude sketches.


6. Always have a lint brush handy. I have several, including one in my sewing room (in a Mason Jar), one in my quilt retreat bag and even a mini somewhere around the house. We all know how many threads accumulate on the clothes when sewing, you have to get rid of them before going out in public!


5. Steam is your Friend! Everyone that has taken a class from me has heard this. Not everyone advocates steam but my opinion is that steam gives a great press.

4. Change your needle after each project!


3. When having tension problems, there are three things to do in troubleshooting – rethread your sewing machine, remove the bobbin, re-insert and re-thread, and finally, change your needle. Most times, this will solve your problem.

2. Sometimes Aurifil thread can be a little tempermental in certain machines, especially if there isn’t much thread left on the spool. The solution. . .turn the spool around, let the thread feed from the other direction and again in most cases, problem solved.


AND MY #1 TIP . . .

1.  Use painters tape to mark your ruler when cutting several strips the same width OR squaring up blocks OR cutting units down to size. Its a lot easier on the eyes and eliminates cutting errors.


I hope you’ve learned a little something with my Top Ten List today. Now its your turn . . . leave a comment with your favorite sewing or quilting tip to join in the celebration of National Sewing Month!


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