Sharing one of my favorite techniques!


A Little Porch Time

As most of you know, wool applique is one of my favorite techniques! I always seem to be working on a wool project – or two.

Last week I was invited to speak about wool applique at the Algonquin Quilter’s Guild by my sister-in-law, Mary and her friend Pat, who are in charge of programs for the group.

We put together a program to introduce the group to working with wool and prepared a small project for them to try it out. Special thanks to Mary and Pat for getting the kits together and the patterns copied. I’m hoping everyone enjoyed the evening and learned a little something new about working with wool!


Some of my wool projects from start to finish.


The pattern


Pat’s sample


Fusing the pieces together

The finished project!

The finished project!

Here are more pictures from the night. Thank you Algonquin Quilters, I enjoyed sharing wool with all of you!

IMG_3082 IMG_3094 IMG_3093 IMG_3083 IMG_3081 IMG_3080


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