A Lesson Learned . . . with Fusible Web

By now most of you know that I am getting ready to leave for the annual No Frills Quilting Retreat at The Abbey in Lake Geneva later this week. I have begun to pack up the projects that I plan to work on this coming weekend.

And yes, though I organize this event, I do get a lot of sewing done myself. More on that next week after the weekend. As for deciding on what to bring, I chose one kit that I purchased last year at the retreat, from Therese at That Quilt Shop, The pattern is called Christmas Presents. I love this quilt, especially the Christmas Stonehenge fabrics. It is a little more contemporary and I am usually super traditional so this will be fun.  As I prepared to cut, I noticed that in order to complete it during the weekend I needed to fuse bows onto the pieces and zigzag around with invisible thread. Easy – right? Yes, except for the fact that I goofed. Now what?

This is correct.

This is correct.


This is NOT!

     I didn’t have enough of the background fabric to recut. Uh Oh!!! Thank goodness for Google. I googled removing fused Steam-A-Seam and found the answer. And thank goodness the Warm Company, who produces Steam-A-Seam had the idea to incorporate the answer into their FAQ’s – knowing that some of us are not perfect! The Warm Company recommended a product called De-Solv-It and yes, it worked!


There was no damage to the fabric and it actually had a pleasant citrus smell, got the fused pieces off and the gooey glue too. I was so happy!



I did have to recut the red bows but that’s ok – I totally had extra fabric for that.


So now I can say that my projects are all prepped and ready for sewing.

All correct NOW!

All correct NOW!

We’ll see how many I get done over the weekend. Regardless of that, I know it will be a fun weekend of sewing, friends, shopping, and laughter! I’ll share everything with you next time.


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