Happy New Year!

This December, I read two books, both by one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Chaiverini. The Christmas Quilt and The New Year’s Quilt were both about “Master Quilter” Sylvia Compson and featured flashbacks to her childhood with many memories of her Christmas and New Year’s family traditions at Elm Creek Manor. Jennifer Chaiverini’s very first novel, The Quilter’s Apprentice introduces us to Sylvia and Sarah McClure as they meet, form a friendship and a business through their love of quilting. I really enjoyed reading the two holiday books as it tied together so much of the original story with the stories of Sylvia’s past.


I want to share a quote from The New Year’s Quilt as a young Sylvia describes quilting as an art form to some of her mother-in-law’s friends:

"If all that matters was keeping warm, we would buy our coverlets too. The women
of my family - they quilted - as a matter of choice, not necessity. We each had
our own style, our own favorite colors and patterns, our own unique way of
arranging the pieces - even if two of use chose the same pattern and templates,
the quilts we made would be as unique to us as our faces and our voices."

This sentiment describes all of us, how we all have our own distinct style and our bonded by our love of the art of quilting, as we look forward to the new year with new projects, finishing old ones, checking out the latest fabric lines, reorganizing the sewing room and relaxing with our favorite quilt magazine.

Happy New Year – Happy 2014!



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