Frozen in Chicago – What to Do?


Frozen in Chicago AND staying in! That is what’s been happening this week, as well as preparing for the 13th Annual Winter Retreat that starts on Friday.  This event cannot come too soon for us as we’ve been cooped up for the last few days in the frozen tundra known as the Midwest. Not that I’m complaining OR have nothing to do . . . there are MANY projects waiting in the sewing room. So I thought I’d give you a run down of what I’ve been doing this month:

1. Preparing my Breakfast Club Project IMG_2370

Our Breakfast Club, a great group of ladies that I’ve known for years, chooses one hand-sewing project to work on for the year. We start each month’s block at our meeting and hope to finish it that day. This year we are doing Woolen Sheep and 12 Monthly Blankets from Buttermilk Basin though I don’t think any of us are doing the sheep. This will be fun to change each month and it is always fun to choose the wool, fuse and BEGIN!


I happen to be very messy when I start these projects which brings me to the next item on the list.

2. Reorganizing the Wool Stash

The stash needed to be organized as I’ve had a few projects going lately and I NEVER throw away any pieces of wool, not even the smallest piece. So the smallest little “schnibs” (I think my friend Reggie coined that word) went into the ball jar and the rest was organized by size. photo

3. Retreat Pre-Sewing

I like to do some pre-sewing and fusing so I’ve been zig-zagging the baskets and leaves on “Flower Baskets Quilt”. As this is a UFO retreat, I am trying to pick something out of the “project basket”. This one has been in the basket for a long time, purchased probably in 2003-2004 at The Stitchery in Delavan at one of the fall retreats. Time to get it done!


4. And finally, the Final Prep and Packing!

IMG_3613 IMG_2376

Stay warm everyone! IMG_3586


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  1. I agree. Looking forward to the upcoming weekend. I have purged my office and been sorting through sewing and quilting items for the swaparama. Still pondering which UFO’s to bring for the weekend. Struggling with packing that old swimsuit for the hottub though.

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