Happy Belated National Quilting Day!


Happy BELATED National Quilting Day! Apparently I missed that over the weekend. To make up for that I thought I would share a really quilting tip from one of the Winter Retreat ladies . . . AND then take you back to National Sewing Month with my Top Ten List.

We were talking about quilting magazines (and all magazines for that matter) because we had a “Swap-A-Rama” table set up at the retreat. Anyone could contribute quilting items that they no longer needed or wanted and all those attending were invited to take whatever they wanted. There were many quilting magazines on the swap table. One of our retreat regulars suggested that after reading the magazine, scan whatever articles or patterns that you want to save and digitally save on your computer – genius! I can’t tell you how many magazine pages I have cut out and filed and never referred to. And how many of us have endless ARCHIVES of quilting magazines! This is such an awesome idea I just had to share. After scanning you feel free to pass the magazine on to a friend, donate to a library or elementary school or just recycle. No papers for the landfill!

Quilt Blog March 2014 025

My Magazine Archives

Quilt Blog March 2014 024

Ready for the scanner!

So how about you? Do you have another idea for the quilt magazine collection? Or maybe another great tip for me? Please share with all of us!

Here is a look back at my National Sewing Month post from September.

Currently I’m working on a You-Tube video for Fast Flying Geese – coming soon!

Quilt Blog March 2014 023


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