Connect the corners and more!


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Connecting Corners and More

Yes, it has been awhile since my last post . . . and . . . the promised Fast Flying Geese video. Due to some technical difficulties there has been a problem uploading my video to You-Tube. I am hoping to get that up soon but until then I thought I’d share a fun tip with all of you.

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HST’s for Ava’s Quilt

You may remember that I’ve been working on a lot of half-square triangle units for my granddaughter Ava’s quilt and also working on The Giving Quilt which I will be teaching in 2015. The Giving Quilt has a LOT of connecting corners. “Connecting Corners” are typically constructed by sewing a square onto the corner of another square so it appears that a triangle was sewn on the corner.

 A quick tutorial:

1. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the square to be placed in the corner.

May 2014 4 (2)

2. Place the square in the corner, sew on diagonal line.



may 2014 (2)


3. Cut 1/4″ away from the cut line, Press toward the corner.


May 2014 4 (3)

My tip for today:

1. When drawing your diagonal line on the square, draw an additional line 1/2″ away from that line.


2. Sew diagonal as in Step 2 above and sew again on the 2nd drawn line.


3. Trim between the two lines, 1/4″ from main diagonal.


5. And press . . .


You will have your connecting corners and more – a half square triangle unit perfect for a mini!!!

When I teach connecting corners, I NEVER let my students throw away the trimmed pieces. You never know what you can use those HST’s for.

Here is a mini I made from the leftovers from my Ruby Slippers quilt – SO CUTE!

May 2014 4 (4)


And one more thing, even if you forget to draw that second line, you can still sew those triangles together. But if you plan ahead, that mini will be finished in no time.

may 2014 (1)



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