A New Year!

IMG_1687Whether we call them resolutions, goals, challenges or hopes for the new year, it seems like everyone is writing about this in their blog posts the first few weeks of the new year. I am no different. Today I will give My 2015 “Sewing Resolutions” and hope you will all share your “Sewing Resolutions” too.

1. Write More Blog Posts This goes without saying. My 2014 started out promising but then I got busy, had surgery and there went the year. No excuses for 2015.

2. Reorganize Quilts – I think some of you may relate to this – I seem to have too many quilts. After owning a quilt shop, teaching and running retreats, the quilts do seem to pile up. The picture below is just one cabinet. I do need to sort, organize and maybe sell or give away a few. I’ll let you know the status of this project as the year goes on.IMG_5972

3. Finish Projects  – The projects I am referring to would be those that are already cut and ready to go. The clear 12×12 boxes are nicely stacked. Those projects need to be completed THIS YEAR!


Coincidentally, another quilt blogger shared a list from All People Quilt that is titled UFO Challenge 2015. For this challenge, they ask you to list 12 UFO’s currently in your sewing room. They have provided a worksheet on their website. On the first Monday of the month, they will draw a number and post it. That is where you begin. My version will be to work on that project and finish it during that month. Easy right? I would love it if you all would share with me your resolution for completing UFO’s and also if you are competing in this UFO Challenge.

4. NO Buying – this means no buying kits, fabric, patterns, etc. UNLESS they are a necessity for finishing the above #3. Also allowed if needed for a gift.

5. Clean Out Room #4 aka The Sewing Room – When I am immersed in a quilt or any other project, I tend to get a little messy. Things get cluttered, what can I say? Time to purge and streamline in 2015. IMG_5976 IMG_5975

6. Sew with Madeline – My 7 year-old granddaughter Madeline is very artistic. I started sewing/quilting lessons with her last July and she finished her first quilt. YAY Madeline!!! (And I WILL write a separate post about her in the near future.) In 2015, we will finish binding her first quilt and work on a new one, her dog quilt. This resolution might be the most fun!


I don’t see a problem completing any of these resolutions, maybe #1, but I’ll try my best to get more posts in this year. Blogging sometimes overwhelms me and then I just don’t do it. This year, I hope to not be overwhelmed and to just write and communicate what I’m working on, sharing with you and hoping that you will share your projects, tips and ideas with me.

IMG_5978May 2015 bring you days that are bright, productive and creative!


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