2016 Winter Quilt Retreat


I always love the fact that after the holidays when winter sets in, I get to look forward to a quilting retreat at the end of January. It’s a great time to be stuck inside, having fun with friends and sewing!

It’s hard to believe that this was our 15th year – time flies! The past few years we have enjoyed wonderful accommodations at the Westin Itasca with a huge, bright sewing area and a staff that is happy to address our whatever we need all weekend long.

This retreat is both fun and productive! As a UFO retreat (UnFinished Object) most of us bring projects that have been around for awhile – or as our friend Maryann says, have made many appearances. Its good to get these things completed and move on to something new.

Some complete entire quilts . . .

and work on blocks . . .

Make pillows . . .


Scarves . . .


And even fish . . .IMG_4392

But the best part is when the “UFO that won’t stay home, one that has made an appearance every year since its debut in 2007 and won’t be invited back” – and is finally finished!





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