Little Black Dress

Wherever you live in this country, 2015 thus far been record setting as far as weather is concerned. In the Chicago area, there are many names for it – Chiberia, Snowmaggedon, etc. We have experienced record cold for the last two months. Today, finally, we are having a warm up! As bad as the weather has been, it has given me ample opportunity to complete some projects that have been on the list for awhile, AKA UFO’s. 2015 has also come to symbolize the year of the UFO, with many of those in my quilt groups.

Something that has been on the list for about a year is my LBD, Little Black Dress quilt. I found a great fat quarter pack online with 64 of the Moda Little Black Dress 2 fabrics.  These prints are a great combo of black, grey and cream, which just happens to be the new colors of my bedroom. (I’m hoping that the walls will be painted soon too). I LOVE this line!!! So with some inspiration from a few decorating catalogs, I created an easy – but large quilt, KING size to be exact. I was also able to throw in some odds and ends from my stash and a few that others were so generous to donate (Thanks Barb and Maria!). After some figuring, cutting and sewing, the LBD was born made up of only 7 inch (cut) squares and bordless. Doesn’t get any easier.

Here is a sneak peak when I laid the quilt top on my bed.

Little Black Dress Quilt

Also found an awesome backing online at Backside Fabrics, 108″ wide, perfect.


LBD is ready for the quilter. Can’t wait to finish it.



Now I’m off to make pillows and pillowcases to match!



May Birthday Girls

My granddaughters, Madeline and Ava, were both born in May and celebrate with a shared birthday party. Madeline will turn 7 this week and Ava turned 3.


Turning 3 means her “big girl bed” will be coming soon. When Madeline turned 3 I made her quilt for the new bed.


Now that Ava is 3, her quilt is in the works. She LOVES purple and I’m sure you’ll recall that I’ve been working on Ava’s quilt (my last few posts). The pattern comes from the April 2014 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.


After selecting an assortment of fun purple fabrics and making LOTS of half square triangles, I started working on the blocks, though finding the time to sew when our weather finally has turned warmer is a bit of a challenge.

may (2)

All the HST’s!


Blocks and . . .

The flowers and garden were calling but I managed to get the blocks finished. Now time to put the blocks together and the pieced border.



Then off to be quilted!

 Happy 3rd Birthday, Ava – your quilt is on the way!


My Quilts

Many times I am asked . . . how many quilts have you made? That’s a very good question, I actually don’t know, never counted. Which got me thinking, I should try to count them. So to start, I went to my computer for all the digital images in the file “Quilts” and ended up re-organizing all of “My Pictures”. That was really a good thing, took me two nights and now its done. Now back to the quilts. I then took the pictures in the Quilts file and started categorizing, baby quilts, kids quilts, tablerunners, wallhangings and on and on.

Next, I will need to go through the four photo albums of quilt pictures because I used to print every picture. When did we stop doing that? I think somewhere about 4 or 5 years ago. So the counting continues but for now, I’m just gonna concentrate on the digital images.

As soon I finish the last stitches of a binding, I either sew a label or sign the back of the quilt, then take the photo. That is my routine. Some people journal, there are a lot of great quilt journals available, others use “documentation”. One of my very good quilting buddies (you know her, she’s the one who felted wool from thrift store skirts and also the one who has the box labeled “Quilts to be done but not me”) has the famous “documentation sheet”. She should write a blog just from these sheets. Her documentation tells about the quilt, pattern, fabric, batting, who quilted it, who also did the same quilt, the quilt group . . . and MORE. I had good intentions of doing documentation for all my quilts but only got as far as printing out a bunch of sheets. So much for documentation, my documentation is the photo . . . and now the blog post.

So now to actually post my pictures on the blog on the “My Quilts” page. Its about time, right? I’ve been thinking about how this would work for about a week now, when I started writing this post. I had planned to post all the quilt pictures on the “My Quilts” page but as I started to load all the pictures it appeared to be just too many. What I decided to do is post and categorize on my Pinterest Boards. This will be much easier. Hope you will follow me on Pinterest to see them all (start with Baby/Kids quilts). I’ll keep everyone posted as to my progress but for now I’ll post a few on the blog, some baby quilts and some kids quilts. And I’ll TRY to remember the quilt names/patterns and where the quilt ended up, if not with me.

The count begins, enjoy the quilts!

Baby quilts and kids quilts . . . ready to go to a special little guy or girl!