Quilt Show in the Garden 2015 – the Food


The weatherman doesn’t always cooperate when it comes to my Quilt Show in the Garden. I’ve been having a little quilt show in my backyard (it started out as little, me and my dog Sonny) for the last five summers – three beautiful days, one monsoon rain storm and this last one. Last Friday the weather was supposed to be beautiful, until Thursday. Then storms were rolling in as they have been all summer. Severe weather was predicted for about 1:00 pm, the exact start time for the show. Additionally, the back yard was super wet from the frequent storms that we’ve had all summer. So . . . we went to Plan B, moved indoors.


I will be writing two separate posts, the Food and the Quilts. Today I’ll tell you about the food. Desserts, drinks and quilts pretty much sums up the show. I always have great luck searching for food, drink and decorating ideas on Pinterest. I even have a Pinterest board titled Quilt Show in the Garden. Check it out for your next garden party!

For desserts, I made Hummingbird Cupcakes and Caramel Macchiato Gooey Cake Bars. Both were Pinterest finds, delicious and super easy! I even made the pineapple garnish for the cupcakes. And if any of you want to make the Macchiato bars, I have a lot of instant coffee left!

QSG 2015 4

I am also very fortunate to have good friends who volunteer to help set up food and quilts and also those who contribute their own desserts.

Special thanks to:

Lori for Chocolate Covered Strawberries / Maria for Lemon BarsĀ 

Reggie for Chocolate Chip Cookies/ Darlene for Fruit Kabobs

Lori, Darlene and Anne Set-up Helpers

Darlene for Gift Certificate to Quilt Winner

As for beverages, I served Strawberry Lemonade (also from Pinterest), a variety of Refreshe wines and of course, bottled water.

QSG 2015 3

QSG 2015 8

Be sure to click on all the links for the recipes, as well as share your own in the comment section if you like. Cheers to another successful quilt show. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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